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Three Days a Week at Beauty School=Pursuing Your Dream

Don’t lose hair over the hustle and bustle of life – style it!

With kids, family, work, and a dozen other responsibilities you may have found that you put your dreams of a future in beauty on the shelf. It doesn’t have to be that way! Even with all the craziness that life throws your way you can pursue your dreams!

If you have ever wanted to find yourself in a beautiful career, our part-time classes in cosmetology or esthetics could be your dream come true.

Time for Friends and Family


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Because our half-time classes are only three days a week, you will have plenty of time to still see family, and make time for all the special people in your life. Best of all, you have weekends free, so you won’t find yourself sacrificing, just investing in yourself.

A Consistent Schedule

When you are managing responsibility and dreams, it helps to have a schedule. This will not only help you plan, but make sure that everything from childcare to work schedules are in place. The more you have everything planned out, the less hiccups you’ll find down the road.

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The Deets!

  • When does it start? Currently our part-time classes start every other month. Contact our admissions desk for more information and for the next start date for your program.
  • What programs are included? We offer part-time flex programs for both our cosmetology and esthetics classes.
  • What is the time commitment? Our flex programs are currently offered on a three day a week schedule. Monday, Thursday, and Friday from 8:45am-6pm. Contact our admissions desk for the most up-to-date information.

Are you ready to get your style on?

If our part-time classes sound like they are the perfect fit for you, we invite you to come on down, check out our beautiful school, and see how close your dreams really are.