The Perks Of Being a Cosmetologist

Beauty School Perks

Are you trying to decide what to do for a career? Are you thinking about changing careers? Want to find that perfect career that will be satisfying and that you will love? Whatever boat you’re in, cosmetology may be the perfect fit for you. A lot of perks can come with being a cosmetologist, like being able to choose when you work, that can make it a very fulfilling career. Here’s some of the great aspects of being a cosmetologist:

Great Opportunities

As a cosmetologist there can be a lot of opportunity to be creative. It is a huge part of your job. You will have to be creative in almost all aspects of your work. Friends and family will ask for your advice sometimes, too, which will give you the chance to be a visionary for them and help them find the perfect look!
Beauty School Perks

Make New Friends

A lot of people think of their hair stylist as more than the person that just cuts and styles their hair. They think of their stylist as a friend too. Most clients enjoy coming in and chatting while you take care of them. You get to meet, talk to, and become friends with some really cool people! You can create some very meaningful relationships because of your decision to become a cosmetologist.
Beauty School Perks

Create Your Own Schedule

In many cases cosmetologists have the opportunity to make up their own schedule. Choosing your own hours to work is a huge benefit! This will allow you to spend more time with family and friends, go on vacations, or build up your own business. This is a perk that doesn’t come with a lot of other jobs out there!

What’s Trending?

If you spend a lot of time keeping up on the latest trends, then cosmetology might be a perfect fit for you! As a cosmetologist, it is super important to always be up to date on everything happening in the beauty world, like hair styles for summer 2017 or the latest makeup trends. Staying up to date on these is not only fun, but it will help you be a great cosmetologist!

Feel Good About Your Work

A very satisfying aspect of being a cosmetologist is the fact that you get to help people look and feel more beautiful. When you’re done with your work, your clients will leave feeling better about themselves and the way they look than when they came to you. When a client comes to you and you cut and style their hair, it could be the perfect confidence boost they are looking for. Not only will they leave feeling amazing, but helping people feel great about themselves will make you feel awesome about the work you do as well!
Beauty School Perks

Great Work Environments

Cosmetology can open a lot of doors. You can pursue a job in a spa or salon, which is probably the most common path, but there are so many other options that you can pursue in addition to a regular salon job. It’s common for cosmetologists to take on some side jobs or do freelance jobs on their own. When you have the skills that a cosmetology school can give you, there can be a lot of opportunities to work for other people as well as for yourself. Being a trained cosmetologist can provide a lot of amazing choices on when and where to work.

There are so many perks of being a cosmetologist! What appeals most to you? Let us know in the comments! Are you ready to discover how cosmetology can help you start a great new career? Check out our program! You can also contact us to learn more!

Natural Hairstyles to Inspire

With wedding season blossoming as quickly as those beautiful roses in your front yard, many brides-to-be have turned to the minor details – like that perfect hairstyle for their perfect day.
If you find yourself amongst these blushing brides, here are some beautiful natural styles to fuel your imagination.

Beautiful Accents

Beautiful Accents

Gorgeous Curls

Gorgeous Curls

A Beautiful Mess

A Beautiful Mess

Nest of Tight Curls

Nest of Tight Curls

Silky and Smooth

Silky and Smooth

Perfectly Kinky Curls

Perfectly Kinky Curls

A Crown of Braids

A Crown of Braids

Knotty Mohawk

Knotty Mohawk

Low Bun

Low Bun

Bantu Twists

Bantu Twists
Gorgeous! Did you find your perfect style, or would you like to try a few? Schedule a consultation with our amazing cosmetology students to help you get ready for your big day.

Five Nail Designs You Can Master

Spring has officially arrived and everything is in bloom. Sundresses are coming back and the heavy colors of years before are being replaced by soft pastels and florals. And best of all, hands and toes are coming out from behind heavy gloves and boots, ready to meet the world once more.
If you are ready to don those strappy sandals, but haven’t made it to your manicurist yet, do not be dismayed! It’s easier to get those nails ready for the world than you think.
Here are five nail designs you can master in a matter of minutes to get those nails spring ready before the tulips have fully bloomed!

  • Bunnies!

    Spring Nail designs bunnies
    Nothing says spring like cute little bunnies poking their noses out to eat some delicious clover. This nail design is oh so delicious – and much easier than you think! This tutorial will guide you through it step by step.

  • Pretty Daisies

    Spring Nail designsIf bunnies don’t scream spring to you, then these delicate little daisies are sure to do the trick. All you need is a ball pin and finger nail polish in your choice of color and this tutorial will have you rocking these little cuties in no time!

  • Faded Floral

    Spring Nail designs fadedWant to be covered in spring but don’t want to scream it? This abstract floral version might be just what you are looking for. Utilizing a sponge and a couple of other easy tricks, this tutorial will guide you through step by step.

  • Speckled Eggs

    Spring Nail designs speckledIf you have fond memories of coloring and dipping eggs, you can easily relive it with this spongy design. Brought to you by One Nail To Rule Them All, this tutorial is easy and quick! You could be ready in five minutes flat!

  • Polka Dots

    Spring Nail designs polka dots You can’t do spring nails without polka dots, and this tutorial has the perfect guide to perfect this easy look. Want to add more? Try some glitter polish to add an extra pop!

Still overwhelmed? No worries! Head on over to our student salon* and visit one of our amazing students, ready to practice their craft and get your toes sporting those beautiful flowers.

*All services performed by students under the supervision of licensed professionals.

Eight Years Gone!

TSPA Huntsville Anniversary

In April of 2009, The Salon Professional Academy in Huntsville, Alabama opened their doors, starting a tradition of beauty in the community that has not only held strong but grown exponentially in the past eight years
Starting just as the temperatures were warming all those years ago, the first class of ten walked through those doors that have now been seen as home to so many. While that number may seem low, it’s actually a tradition that has held steady at TSPA Huntsville since day one. Smaller class sizes mean more one-on-one attention, which means a more stylized education.

Staff | TSPA Huntsville Anniversary

“Every class has a different make up and we have to be sure that every face (class) is equally fabulous! That isn’t an easy task! But we have done it!” – Ms. A. Friday-Stewart

This dedication to their students education is something the school prides itself on, and something that they hold high. In fact, it is that low class size and intimate learning environment that has prompted them to an astounding 96% pass rate – a number well above the national average.

All of this success has not been without it’s trials, something which they hesitantly admit never gets easier. One of these situations that is the hardest to deal with is when a student “waves the white flag” and gives up. It’s hard to watch someone give up on their dreams. While the teaching staff can often support them through the roadblock, other times they have to say goodbye. No matter what happens, the dedicated staff at TSPA Huntsville never gives up on their students and are dedicated to helping them reach their dreams no matter what the cost.

Stuff Fun | TSPA Huntsville Anniversary “We honestly believe that our students can do it! It’s not always easy to find everyone’s sweet spot but we don’t mind the cavities trying!” – Ms. A. Friday-Stewart

From that first warm spring day and through all the hottest summers, TSPA Huntsville is glad to bring beauty, success, and style to its community. It is a tradition they hope to continue for many years to come and through many more crazy hairstyle trends.

Here is to another eight years!
Make sure to stop by the Student Salon* during the month of April to take advantage of some of our amazing anniversary specials! Including $8.00 cuts! Call for details!

*All services performed by students under the supervision of trained and licensed professionals.

Are You Ready for Cosmetology School?

cosmetology cost

It’s a fact that has been poured into your head since a young age, mentioned by grandparents as they pressed a ten dollar bill into your hand and bored into your head by your father as you complained about having broccoli for dinner – again.
“The career choice you make will affect the rest of your life.”
Luckily for you, you already know what you want to do. Hard part done.
You want to be a cosmetologist.
But what do you need to do now that you have made this decision? What are the next steps to actually enroll?

  1. Take a Tour and Choose Your School

    School Tours

    Second to deciding what you want to do is deciding where you want to get the education to do it. Any working cosmetologist will tell you, that your education matters. As many different schools specialize in different things, have different add ons, and different focuses within their program. In addition the venue matters, you want to make sure that the features and equipment are up to the current standard and are clean and well maintained.
    The best way to do this is to take a tour. Once you have narrowed your choices down, schedule a few tours to find out more about the schools on your list, watch the floor, maybe even schedule a shampoo and blow-dry in the student salon* to get the feel of the atmosphere and education level. You want to fit into the school’s culture and feel welcome as a student – this is the best way to find out if you will.

  2. Know the Time Commitment


    Beauty School Time

    This kind of goes along with choosing your school, but we are giving it it’s own section because this is actually much more important than you think. Every state has different hours requirements and because of that the programs are going to take different amounts of time. Those numbers will vary even more depending on if you are going to be taking day or night classes. Are you going to be working while you are in school? Are your expectations for completion in line with the reality? Make sure you know all the facts and have thought through the outcomes before you dive in to avoid further complications, and in turn find a school that will work with whatever schedule you have.

  3. Know the Cost (and Plan Accordingly)

    cosmetology cost

    Another big varient between beauty schools is cost. Each school is going to have a different cost, and that cost is going to include different things. Here at TSPA Huntsville, our Cosmetology courses include all the books and the basic kit you will need to get started. That’s everything from scissors to specific product lines and training pieces that you will need to get you through our program. In addition to that, you need to know what any upfront cost is (we have a $200 enrollment fee) and if the school offers financial aid to help assist in the cost.

  4. Get Everything Together

    Beauty School prep

    Once you have decided on your school and have figured out the cost and financial aid, you need to gather everything else to enroll. Where is your high school diploma? Do you need a GED? Is there any additional testing required? Start the process by filling out an information request or contacting the admissions office of your chosen school and connect with an advisor that can help you through the process from start to finish.

  5. Let The Countdown Begin

    Beauty School prepYou have chosen your school, you have figured out your schedule and financial aide, you have been accepted and are ready to roll. There is only one thing left- get ready to start. This may seem like the most exciting time, and it is, but there are logistics you need to clear up as well. Everything from making sure you have the right clothes, to finding the cutest pair of black, non-slip shoes created. Get everything done before the first day to make sure you have the best day possible.

You are finally here, you are ready to begin and start this next chapter in your life. We hope you have a great experience at whatever school you have chosen, weather it be TSPA Huntsville or a school close to you.

*All Services performed by students in our student salon

Signs That It’s Time to Pursue a Career in Beauty

pursue a career in beauty

Admit it, you have seen the writing on the wall. You’ve noticed it as you carefully lay out brushes and sharpen your scissors. You’ve heard the voice gnawing in the back of your mind as you watched Queen Latifah’s Beauty Shop for the hundredth time. You want a career in beauty.
You want this to be your life.
But how do you know for sure, and how did you get here in the first place?
Here are the ten signs that you might be ready for a career in the beauty industry, you know, just so you can make sure.

  1. You aren’t living for the weekend anymore.

    Red Bull GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
    You want your work to be meaningful. You want to do love what you do, and wake up every morning excited to do it. Don’t wait to get off work to do what you love, go to a job everyday that you love doing.

  2. You understand financial responsibility.

    State Champs GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
    You have saved and budgeted most of your life, even if it was just to save up for those perfect thigh-high boots. You understand the meaning of saving, and are ready to dive in. Financial aid doesn’t scare you, you see them as the investment in the dream you have had for so long.

  3. You are a do-it-yourselfer.

    Sephora GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

    You want control of your life, and the idea of building your own clientele and perhaps even your own business someday makes you exceptionally giddy.

  4. You have a love for beauty.

    Beautiful GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
    Watching late night beauty tutorials on YouTube is just a part of your daily schedule. You are always looking for the next new trend and are one of the first to try it out, and maybe even fix it so that it looks better.

  5. Your friends always go to you for tips and tricks.

    Fashion GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
    They know that your sense of style and beauty goes above and beyond. They can count on you for advice, for help in the perfect updo, and of course, the loan of that red sweater that is going to make their eyes pop. And, best of all, you love to help them!

  6. You have no problem talking to anyone – about anything!

    Strength GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
    What may make other people nervous only makes you excited. You have realized that people are amazing, and that connecting and talking to them can be one of the most rewarding experiences. You are always ready to talk, about anything, and don’t shy away from the opportunity.

  7. You find yourself critiquing hair and makeup on movies or TV.

    Beauty GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

    The sure sign you are a lost cause: You can’t watch a movie without ripping apart the hair, trying to figure out how to do it, or even more common, how you would have done it better. You often spark up conversations on the hair you’ve seen, but no one really seems to understand why that 1920’s pin up was done incorrectly.

  8. Everyone around you is a guinea pig.

    Funny GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

    If you see a hairstyle or color you love, you HAVE to find a friend to let you attempt to replicate it.

  9. You are a perfectionist.

    Sam Cannon GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

    When doing hair you pay close attention to everything, from the length of a cut, to the symmetry. You constantly challenge yourself to try harder things, and that attention to detail has only helped you perfect your skill.

  10. You ask strangers about their hair

    Halloween GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
    Above and beyond being ready to strike up a conversation, you will go out of your way to compliment someones hair, ask them how they did it, and have even been caught staring at the perfect natural faux-hawk more than once.

Know you are ready for sure? We don’t blame you, that itch is hard to ignore.
Reach out to us today and we will get you started, let’s make that dream come true!

12 Things Only Cosmetologists Will Understand

Girl with brush over face smiling

Cosmetologists go through extensive training to pursue a rewarding career in the beauty industry. Hairstyling, makeup, hair cutting; they do it all! As inclusive as the world of beauty may seem, there are just some things that you will never understand unless you’ve worked as a professional in the industry!

Trying to create the perfect formula for that impossible color correction like:

Formulating numbers in your head

The first thing you picture when your client says, “Oh, I can just trim my own bangs at home.”

GIrl cutting her own bangs

When someone asks you if you have any hobbies:

Guy doing his makeup

That one client that always wants something different:

Daughter from the Simpson's switching hair styles

When a client says, “Do whatever you want. I trust you!”

Patrick from Spongebob with plotting face

When your 3-hour appointment cancels 10 minutes before they are supposed to be there


When the stylist next to you is blow drying their client

Guy with wind blowing his hair

Talking to your coworkers after the last client of your 10 hr shift on Saturday:

Man dancing to "Who Let The Dogs Out"

You know, like:

Man dancing to "Who Let The Dogs Out"

When someone says, “My friend went from brown to platinum in one appointment with her stylist.”

Will Smith questioning face

When clients come in like, “Can I get a baileyge, bolyeage, biologeyege?”


Every time you finish a client

Princess Diaries transformation

When the color you were stressing about turns out perfectly


Which one of these gifs do you relate to the most? Tell us in the comments!

If you’re interested in getting in on these inside jokes, then click here to learn more about our cosmetology program and call us today to schedule a tour!

DIY Beauty Looks For 2017: Makeup, Hair & Nails

DIY Beauty Looks 2017

Entering the new year is always fun but changing and keeping your beauty and style up-to-date is sometimes harder than it sounds. It’s easy to get addicted to that cotton candy lipstick and bubblegum nail polish that were all the rave last year, but with new year in full effect, it’s time to transition your look into something a bit more 2017-esque. If only it were as simple as the beauty bloggers make it seem. Well, this year, you’re in luck. Because we wanted to make this year’s transition as seamless as possible, we’ve gone ahead and put together some trendy, DIY looks that anyone can do! From makeup and nails to hair, we’ve got you covered.


This look is perfect for a day spent relaxing in a coffee shop, planning out your plans for the year. Cute, casual and fun, what more could you ask for?

Step by step hair braiding
(Image from

This is the easiest style to spice up your look. It’s perfect for date night, parties, or a night out with your girls.

DIY Braided Hairstyle
(Image from

“Tying” your hair up just got a whole new meaning. Skip the hair-tie and create this fun look instead! The best part about this style? It can easily be dressed up or dressed down depending on your outfit.

DIY Twist Hairstyle
(Image from


We love this look. It’s glamorous but elegant, it’s a great way to wow your friends on a night out.

DIY Smokey Eye Tutorial
(Image from

This is a personal favorite of ours. It’s a very traditional look. Embrace the glitter life and rock this golden glam!

Easy step by step makeup guide
(Image from

Sometimes the same old gold and brown can get boring and we understand that! Add a pop of color to your look this year. This look can easily be word day or night for just about any occasion. You can even replace the pink with another color. Try a blue or green, have some fun and make it your own!

DIY makeup step by step
(Image from


Simple. Cute. Creative. What more could you possibly want? These nails fit perfectly into your vision of making 2017 your best year yet.

DIY nail painting tutorial
(Image from

These nails give you a chance to show off your creative side. Make it unique and use whatever color combo comes to mind.

DIY nail art tutorial
(Image from

Who would have thought that there were so many things to do with tape and nail polish? Get creative and play with the placement of your tape, switch up the colors and add more than one design. There are no rules here, people!

DIY nail art with tape
(Image from
Now you have it, you can no longer complain that updating your look is too hard. What kind of looks are you incorporating into your 2017 look? Share them with us in the comments!

The Parent’s Guide to The Salon Professional Academy in Huntsville

The Parents Guide to The Salon Professional Academy in Huntsville

Your child has graduated high school! Congrats! The next step is likely a secondary education. We know that this is an important decision that can impact their lives from here on out. Help them make a safe step to The Salon Professional Academy Huntsville. Knowing all the facts will help you and your student make an informed decision. Here are a few commonly asked questions parents have. As always, if you have any questions about us or our programs, feel free to contact us.
Mother and daughter bonding


What is the student to teacher ratio for your classes?

We know that fewer students in a classroom means more one on one time with instructors. That’s why we keep our class sizes on a 15 to 1 ratio.

What is the job outlook?

According to the BLS, the cosmetology industry is projected to grow ten percent from 2014-2024. We have a high placement rate for our graduating students. We assist in placement of our students in hair salons in the Huntsville area, as well as across the U.S.

What is the price for equipment/tools?

All of the tool and equipment fees are included in the tuition price. Contact us for tuition pricing for individual programs.

Man cutting hair

What is the value of a Salon Professional Academy education?

Because of our hands on curriculum, when students graduate they can be more valuable to the marketplace due to advanced experience compared to other students.

Will my student be working with real clients?

Under the watchful eyes of our licensed instructors, students perform salon services on real salon guests. We feel that working with real people teaches them how to build and retain clientele, as well as customer relations. Mannequin work is limited.

How long is the program?

Open calendar laying on table
Program length will vary between the courses. Our cosmetology course is 1500 hours, 10 ½ months. For other course information, visit the program’s page.

What are the requirements for joining a program?

All of our courses require a high school diploma or GED. All of our programs have a $200 enrollment fee. Contact us for additional requirements.

Jar filled with money for college savings

Do you offer financial aid?

Financial aid is available for student who qualify. Contact us for more information on tuition and financial assistance.

We are dedicated to student success and excellence!Let The Salon Professionals Academy Huntsville be a part of your child’s beautiful career. We hope to assist you while guiding your child to making an informed decision about their future.


To request more info about our school, please visit our website. Also, click here for information about graduation rates, median loan debt of those who completed the program, & more. Financial aid is available to those who qualify.