TSPA Huntsville’s Tips for Keeping Your Hair Straight in Humidity

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This summer while you are enjoying the sun and the heat, find ways you can also have straight smooth hair while dealing with the ruthless humidity. You wake up early to straighten your gorgeous hair and by hour three, it’s a ball of curls and frizz. if you’re not a fan of the lion look, it can be a real mess. Some may think that there is not much you can do in the battle against the almighty powers of humidity, but we have some tips and tricks on how to keep your hair straight while the air is bugging.

Shower Right

The first step to straight hair in the heat is to shower at night. When showering, use a straightening shampoo and conditioner to create a strong foundation for sleek and straight hair. Showering at night gives your hair more time to dry before the morning. This can make your morning routine easier and can minimize adding extra heat to you hair.

We recommend sleeping with your hair down so no strands stay wet. Humidity is attracted to all things wet, so unless you want layers of your hair to be frizzy while the rest is straight, double check that every strand is dry.

Your BFF: Hair-Smoothing Products

Before you jump into bed, we recommend applying an anti-frizz hair serum to your hair to make your morning hair routine that much easier and the rest of your day that much less frizzy. Want to talk about a strong defense against intense humidity? Find a serum that works best for you!

Oils & Shea Butter

Good morning, sunshine! The sun is shining and the moisture in the air is alive and well! Before taking the iron to your mane, we suggest giving some TLC to your hair by adding some oils and shea butter. This stuff is especially good for wavy and thick hair. When it comes to keeping frizz at bay while simultaneously feeding your hair with healthy ingredients, oils and shea butter are a safe bet.

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Set Your Hair

After straightening your hair, set it with something with hold and anti-frizz. Find a spray that leaves your hair feeling light and durable. Everyone has their own favs, take the time to find yours! Bonus tip: Be sure that your hair is completely dry and cooled down before heading out the door. This will allow your hair to set and hold longer during the day.

Be Gentle With Your Hair

At the end of the day, the weather is going to do what the weather is going to do and your hair is going to do the same. Sometimes the best thing to do is to accept your hair in all of its glory. The best thing you can do for it is to just love it. Embrace the curl, the frizz, and the wildness of it all. Once you embrace your hair, nothing will stop you!

Do You Love Beauty

A combination of love for beauty and hard work might find you a fulfilling career! If this is something that you are looking for, consider enrolling in one of our programs. Many people have found joy and fulfillment in a career in cosmetology. Our cosmetology program could teach you how to perfect your skills in hair and much more! Contact us to begin!

10 Salons That We Love!


Here at TSPA Huntsville we love to support salons in our community. There are so many wonderful salons in our area that we want to show a little appreciation to. We think that showing support and love to each other is what makes this industry so special. Each salon brings their own unique style and services that help people around our city feel good about themselves. We think that’s something worth celebrating. Here are ten of our favorite salons nearby!

1. Elleven Salon

Elleven Salon is known for creating a relaxing atmosphere while working on your hair. The before and after pictures of their work is so inspiring. Elleven not only offers hair services but eyelash extensions, waxing and tints, facials, and scalp messages. Elleven Salon is the one-stop-shop to make you feel great!

2. Mirror Image

Mirror Image is a 5-star review salon, and it’s no question why. The women that provide the services are skilled, kind, and creative. Visit Mirror Image to see for yourself! While you’re there make sure to get a hair treatment for slick and healthy hair!

3. Salon Allure

Salon Allure deserves a big shoutout for winning 2018 Salon Today. You know you’re in trusted hands when those same hands worked hard to be honored with an award such as this. Salon Allure provides both salon and spa services to help you feel beautiful and energized.

4. The Masters

The Masters is the home of the iconic Ann and Gary Bray, two well-known stylists, and visionaries in the beauty industry. Ann and Gary had the goal to show everyone that they were deserving to have salon-style hair and how to accomplish it in the comfort of their own home. Masters continues the work of Ann and Gary by providing services that could leave anyone feeling like a million bucks.

5. Neo Mode Hair Salon

Neo Mode Hair Salon has a mission and that is to create beauty every day, and they do not fail. Neo Mode is unique because they provide hair extension services! For everyone that desires long luscious locks or is just looking to add a little more thickness to their hair, Neo Mode has you covered.

6. Fringe Salon of Huntsville

We all just wish our close friends were our personal hair stylist and beauty gurus. At Fringe Salon that’s exactly how it feels. Just taking a look at their website and you are immediately smiling and feeling like you are reading about your friends. Make sure to stop by Fringe to catch up with your buddies and leave feeling beautiful.

7. Studio 406 Hair Salon

Studio 406 is all about investing in good hair. After all, is the one thing is that is on us 24/7. We should feel good about the way it looks and feels! At Studio 406 they provide services that will leave your hair shiny, soft, strong, and feeling like new! What’s better than that?

8. 921 Salon & Spa

921 Salon & Spa is the place to go if you are looking for some TLC. Go in for a hair treatment and leave feeling relaxed and energized after one of their many spa treatments. 921 knows what it’s like to just need a day to yourself. Make sure to treat yourself to one!

9. Styles of Madison

Styles of Madison is known for their “friendly neighbor” feel. When you walk into Madison, you are welcomed by what feels like an old friend. Styles of Madison offers services ranging from haircuts and colors, hair and scalp treatments, pedicures and manicures, threading and waxing and much more!

10. Whiskers

Men, boys, and fellow fellows! If you are looking for a place to relax while getting cleaned up, then Whiskers is the place to go. Whiskers offer all type of services to clean up your facial hair and to freshen up your look! Whiskers know how convenient it is to be able to get a haircut whenever you need. That’s why they offer membership packages! Get 10% off of your service and stop by whenever you need!

Beauty Love

Have you ever walked into a beauty salon and immediately felt welcomed, excited, and ready to get creative? After getting a beauty education you could work at a salon that does just that! A career in the beauty industry can be exactly what you are looking for. If one of these salons is a place you want to be part of, let us help you take the first step! Contact us to begin your beauty education!

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