Find Your Perfect Skin Care Routine With Our Quiz

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Keeping your skin looking fresh, bright, and clean can be a little bit of a guessing game.

We can help take some of the wonder out of that and give you some tips that could help you create the perfect routine for your skin.

Are you ready to put your fresh-face forward? We are ready to help!

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If you want to expand your knowledge of skin care even further, consider turning your interest or passion into a career you love! Our full-time esthetics course can give you the knowledge you need to develop your passion into a career.

Come in today and tour our beautiful facility. Isn’t it time you discovered how your passions could become the start to a beautiful future?

Three Days a Week at Beauty School=Pursuing Your Dream

Woman doing another woman hair

Don’t lose hair over the hustle and bustle of life – style it!

With kids, family, work, and a dozen other responsibilities you may have found that you put your dreams of a future in beauty on the shelf. It doesn’t have to be that way! Even with all the craziness that life throws your way you can pursue your dreams!

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Warning: This Blog is About Zits

A woman, who is appraising her face acne with contemplation

Zits. Acne. Pimples.

These words may not make you think beauty, but they should. Fresh, clean skin is one of the cornerstones of a healthy beauty regimen. Besides, love them or hate them – we all get them!

If you strive for fresh beautiful skin, then understanding where these little buggers come from is important! Besides, as much as we might be obsessed with those pimple popping videos, it may not be the best way to handle those mischief making face bumps.

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Which Beauty Career Should You Pursue? Take Our Quiz.

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Have you been itching to start a new career? Are you a lover of all things beauty, fashion, and creative? A career in cosmetology, esthetics, or manicuring could be right for you! But which career is the right fit for your personality? Our quiz can help you find out!

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Six Delicious Scrubs to Get You Excited for the Holidays

Holiday body and face scrubs

While we may not experience the frigid temperatures that many places do this time of year, we are certainly feeling the change in temperature and humidity. With such a drastic change it’s important to keep your skin looking fresh and refreshed with scrubs and masks to clean away the year and get you ready for vibrant holiday celebrations.

With so much holiday cheer going around, why not extend all that you love about this time of year into your beauty regimen?

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Why Part-Time Classes ROCK!

Part Time Cosmetology School Rocks

Work. Kids. Family. Work.

There are a million reasons that you might be putting off following your dreams, a million reasons why you think it can’t possibly work to go to school and still maintain the life and responsibilities you currently have.

What if all those reasons you are holding onto aren’t reasons, but rather fears keeping you from your dream?

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