Brenda Whitaker

Brenda grew up in New Hope, Alabama with a small town way of life. She played every sport she could throughout grade school and high school. These things have made her who she is today and gave her the need to succeed.

After spending 30 years behind the chair as a stylist, as well as a salon owner, it was time for her to take the next step and become a cosmetology instructor. She wanted to share all the knowledge she has acquired over the years in the industry, as well as pass on to her students the passion for the industry and the endless possibilities they can achieve.

She has been a cosmetologist for 32 years and an educator for the last 2 years. She graduated from Madison County Technical School for Cosmetology in 1985, and did her instructor’s course at The Salon Professional Academy here in Huntsville.

Her passion is the beauty of this industry and the endless opportunities it offers. Her life changed completely when she became an educator. Witnessing the personal and professional development of the students makes every day worthwhile. There is always room for growth and Brenda always wants to learn more. In this ever-changing industry, furthering our education is very necessary in order to give our students the best education possible.

After being in this industry for 32 years, Brenda has a lot to offer both professionally and personally. Knowing what to do and what not to do are very important in being as successful as you can be. She believes in making your dreams come true and embracing every single moment because life is a ride you should never forget.

brenda whitaker