Jessica Miller

Jessica has always been a creative person. She got her cosmetology license and works behind the scenes at The Salon Professional Academy. Creative Jessica is a happy Jessica.

Jessica started helping one of her aunts do hair when she was about 12 and always seemed to have a knack for it. She graduated from The Salon Professional Academy here in Huntsville in 2012, and was licensed shortly after.

Her most fulfilling moments are those where she can motivate a student to be the best he/she can be. She loves seeing people set goals and accomplishes them. She would like all students past, present, and future to know that she is very open and they can come talk to her whenever they need someone to help or listen. She will help them as much as she can with any questions or problems they may have and will do her best to help them achieve their goals. Helping people succeed has always been very important to her.

She has a fairly wide variety of interests when she’s not at work. Anything from hockey, snowboarding, sailing, and surfing to drawing, painting, photography, gaming, and almost anything that involves being in the water or around animals. When she wants to have a quiet day, she usually just hangs out at home with her pets and watches kid’s movies with them.

jessica miller