Megan “Ms. Mac” Wilbourn

Megan has been in the industry for ten years. She started apprenticing/assisting, then became a shampoo tech/nail tech, and then became a stylist. She graduated from Northeast CC in 2007. She has loved this industry for as long as she can remember. She remembers sitting with her mom and working on mannequins when she was five years old, and would always watch makeover shows instead of cartoons. When she started in this industry, she had a lightbulb go off. She looks for those lightbulb moments daily with her students.

Megan has always been passionate about her profession, but it wasn’t until she branched out and started doing things that she realized she had no limitations. Megan is always learning. She is knowledgeable with the Redken product lines and our business core so that she can help her students be the best they can be.

She would like her students to know that she has been where they are and that she would give everything she has to help them and teach them to better themselves. She’s there for them through their bad days and through their accomplishments, and will never give up on them or stop helping them see their worth. She is 110% heart and soul.

Megan spends a lot of time with her kids and family. They are very involved in church, especially the women’s group. Her husband is a professional golfer, so there is also a lot of golf in their lives.