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Plan Your Future Today

High school seniors are preparing to graduate and head off to college this coming spring and a lot of juniors are scheduling tours and making sure their grades are looking good for applications. But are you hesitant about attending a university? We are here to tell you that that is okay! Even if a university education doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be thinking about your future. Before you agree to spend the next four years at a university, don’t settle! Take some time to explore your options first. Start thinking about taking up a trade like cosmetology. Your best friend may be bummed that you won’t be roommates next semester in the dorms, but we don’t think she will be complaining when you can hook her up with some amazing hair, glowing skin and a fresh manicure!

So before you decide if you should attend a university or if you should look into a trade school, here are a couple of things to take into consideration:

You struggled with traditional schooling; the hours, the lack of hands-on learning, and little flexibility

Through all the years of your schooling, did you regularly feel that school, in the traditional sense, was something that you struggled with and felt a hard time excelling? Beauty school provides an education but allows you to have a creative outlet giving you the opportunity to work with your hands, express your creativity and choose alternate schedules outside of the traditional schooling schedule.

Your future is not going to wait

Completing a four-year degree at a university takes time. If you are looking to start your career sooner than a 4-year university allows, then maybe cosmetology is the right path for you. Our cosmetology program is a 1500 hour program and can be completed in roughly 10 ½ months.

Money, Money, Money

College isn’t cheap. The average cost of college in Alabama is $5,929, per semester. So we did the math for you and for a 4-year degree, assuming you complete it in 8 semesters, is $47,432. So, not only are you devoting a large amount of time to a university, you are also devoting a huge chunk of money as well. Start your career sooner and lessen your worry about finances by considering a career in cosmetology.

Get a career that has multiple career options

Don’t take a narrow career path, start a career that opens more than one door for you! You won’t be stuck doing the same ole thing every day. You will have the opportunity to change your path and do something new if you ever decide you get bored. Students graduating with a diploma from The Salon Professional Academy in Huntsville could be eligible for employment in the following careers:

  • Hairstylist
  • Makeup Artist
  • Manicurist
  • Hair Color Specialist
  • Haircutting Specialist
  • Beauty Sales Representative
  • Salon Manager
  • Salon Owner
  • Beauty Educator
  • Beauty Consultant

So, if you are someone who thinks outside of the box, start thinking about cosmetology! Check out our cosmetology program page to see if it seems like a good path for you!