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Are You Ready for Cosmetology School?

It’s a fact that has been poured into your head since a young age, mentioned by grandparents as they pressed a ten dollar bill into your hand and bored into your head by your father as you complained about having broccoli for dinner – again.
“The career choice you make will affect the rest of your life.”
Luckily for you, you already know what you want to do. Hard part done.
You want to be a cosmetologist.
But what do you need to do now that you have made this decision? What are the next steps to actually enroll?

  1. Take a Tour and Choose Your School

    School Tours

    Second to deciding what you want to do is deciding where you want to get the education to do it. Any working cosmetologist will tell you, that your education matters. As many different schools specialize in different things, have different add ons, and different focuses within their program. In addition the venue matters, you want to make sure that the features and equipment are up to the current standard and are clean and well maintained.
    The best way to do this is to take a tour. Once you have narrowed your choices down, schedule a few tours to find out more about the schools on your list, watch the floor, maybe even schedule a shampoo and blow-dry in the student salon* to get the feel of the atmosphere and education level. You want to fit into the school’s culture and feel welcome as a student – this is the best way to find out if you will.

  2. Know the Time Commitment


    Beauty School Time

    This kind of goes along with choosing your school, but we are giving it it’s own section because this is actually much more important than you think. Every state has different hours requirements and because of that the programs are going to take different amounts of time. Those numbers will vary even more depending on if you are going to be taking day or night classes. Are you going to be working while you are in school? Are your expectations for completion in line with the reality? Make sure you know all the facts and have thought through the outcomes before you dive in to avoid further complications, and in turn find a school that will work with whatever schedule you have.

  3. Know the Cost (and Plan Accordingly)

    cosmetology cost

    Another big variant between beauty schools is cost. Each school is going to have a different cost, and that cost is going to include different things. Here at TSPA Huntsville, our Cosmetology courses include all the books and the basic kit you will need to get started. That’s everything from scissors to specific product lines and training pieces that you will need to get you through our program. In addition to that, you need to know what any upfront cost is (we have a $200 enrollment fee) and if the school offers financial aid to help assist in the cost.

  4. Get Everything Together

    Beauty School prep

    Once you have decided on your school and have figured out the cost and financial aid, you need to gather everything else to enroll. Where is your high school diploma? Do you need a GED? Is there any additional testing required? Start the process by filling out an information request or contacting the admissions office of your chosen school and connect with an advisor that can help you through the process from start to finish.

  5. Let The Countdown Begin

    Beauty School prepYou have chosen your school, you have figured out your schedule and financial aide, you have been accepted and are ready to roll. There is only one thing left- get ready to start. This may seem like the most exciting time, and it is, but there are logistics you need to clear up as well. Everything from making sure you have the right clothes, to finding the cutest pair of black, non-slip shoes created. Get everything done before the first day to make sure you have the best day possible.

You are finally here, you are ready to begin and start this next chapter in your life. We hope you have a great experience at whatever school you have chosen, weather it be TSPA Huntsville or a school close to you.

*All Services performed by students in our student salon