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Eight Years Gone!

In April of 2009, The Salon Professional Academy in Huntsville, Alabama opened their doors, starting a tradition of beauty in the community that has not only held strong but grown exponentially in the past eight years
Starting just as the temperatures were warming all those years ago, the first class of ten walked through those doors that have now been seen as home to so many. While that number may seem low, it’s actually a tradition that has held steady at TSPA Huntsville since day one. Smaller class sizes mean more one-on-one attention, which means a more stylized education.

Staff | TSPA Huntsville Anniversary

“Every class has a different make up and we have to be sure that every face (class) is equally fabulous! That isn’t an easy task! But we have done it!” – Ms. A. Friday-Stewart

This dedication to their students education is something the school prides itself on, and something that they hold high. In fact, it is that low class size and intimate learning environment that has prompted them to an astounding 96% pass rate – a number well above the national average.

All of this success has not been without it’s trials, something which they hesitantly admit never gets easier. One of these situations that is the hardest to deal with is when a student “waves the white flag” and gives up. It’s hard to watch someone give up on their dreams. While the teaching staff can often support them through the roadblock, other times they have to say goodbye. No matter what happens, the dedicated staff at TSPA Huntsville never gives up on their students and are dedicated to helping them reach their dreams no matter what the cost.

Stuff Fun | TSPA Huntsville Anniversary “We honestly believe that our students can do it! It’s not always easy to find everyone’s sweet spot but we don’t mind the cavities trying!” – Ms. A. Friday-Stewart

From that first warm spring day and through all the hottest summers, TSPA Huntsville is glad to bring beauty, success, and style to its community. It is a tradition they hope to continue for many years to come and through many more crazy hairstyle trends.

Here is to another eight years!
Make sure to stop by the Student Salon* during the month of April to take advantage of some of our amazing anniversary specials! Including $8.00 cuts! Call for details!

*All services performed by students under the supervision of trained and licensed professionals.