The nails of a woman, painted with pink and glitter

Five Nail Designs You Can Master

Spring has officially arrived and everything is in bloom. Sundresses are coming back and the heavy colors of years before are being replaced by soft pastels and florals. And best of all, hands and toes are coming out from behind heavy gloves and boots, ready to meet the world once more.
If you are ready to don those strappy sandals, but haven’t made it to your manicurist yet, do not be dismayed! It’s easier to get those nails ready for the world than you think.
Here are five nail designs you can master in a matter of minutes to get those nails spring ready before the tulips have fully bloomed!

  • Bunnies!

    Spring Nail designs bunnies
    Nothing says spring like cute little bunnies poking their noses out to eat some delicious clover. This nail design is oh so delicious – and much easier than you think!

  • Pretty Daisies

    Spring Nail designsIf bunnies don’t scream spring to you, then these delicate little daisies are sure to do the trick. All you need is a ball pin and finger nail polish in your choice of color and this tutorial will have you rocking these little cuties in no time!

  • Faded Floral

    Spring Nail designs fadedWant to be covered in spring but don’t want to scream it? This abstract floral version might be just what you are looking for. Utilizing a sponge and a couple of other easy tricks, this tutorial will guide you through step by step.

  • Speckled Eggs

    Spring Nail designs speckledIf you have fond memories of coloring and dipping eggs, you can easily relive it with this spongy design. Brought to you by One Nail To Rule Them All, this tutorial is easy and quick! You could be ready in five minutes flat!

  • Polka Dots

    Spring Nail designs polka dots You can’t do spring nails without polka dots, and this tutorial has the perfect guide to perfect this easy look. Want to add more? Try some glitter polish to add an extra pop!

Still overwhelmed? No worries! Head on over to our student salon* and visit one of our amazing students, ready to practice their craft and get your toes sporting those beautiful flowers.

*All services performed by students under the supervision of licensed professionals.