African American woman with natural hair looking surprised.

Don’t Let Summer Kill Your Style!

Summer is here, and with it comes the sweltering humidity that Alabama is known for. Even though our temperatures won’t get above 100F like it does in some parts of the country, it’s not the heat that we have to worry about.

It’s the humidity.
Yes, the humidity can easily surpass the 60% mark on most summer days, and while that can be great from skin and hair – it also has its downside too.
Prepare yourself now for summer and you can keep yourself looking great, and your hair looking its best.

Curls For Days!

No matter what kind of hair you have, chances are you are going to seeing some curls. If your hair is natural and already pretty curly, be prepared to lose some length to tighter curls. If your hair is stark straight, that wave that you either love or dread in the summer months is making its famed return.
No matter what kind of hair you have, there are products out there that will help keep your hair moisturized while locking out the added moisture in the air, and keeping the curls under control.

Speaking of the Moisture in the Air…!

Love them or hate them, humectants can make or break your summer humidity survival. Humectants are nice little additives that pull the moisture out of the air in order to keep your hair moisturized. This can be great, until the humidity is creeping up to 70% and those curls you are already looking more like a swamp that healthy luscious ringlets.
Be aware of your hair type, and needs, when using humectants to avoid over moisturizing – and be prepared with a good protein wash just in case that happens.

The Frizz! The Frizz!

And no, we don’t mean the redheaded lady with a school bus (we are showing our age, aren’t we?). We are speaking of the unruly mess of flyaways and unkempt tangles that have surely moved in by now. This isn’t the usual frizz that settles down with a quick spritz of water, either. This is humidity frizz; caused by proteins and hydrogen and all sort of sciency things that the Smithsonian lays out really well.
Even with the science behind it, however, there really isn’t much you can do about it. I know, that’s probably the last thing you want to hear, but when the humidity soars it’s true. That’s why for when those days that your frizz is particularly loud, we suggest “doing something” to your hair.
This can be anything from wrapping, to braiding, to sticking it all in a messy bun. Having a few go to styles can be a saving grace on days when you just want to hit the lake in peace, or you just don’t have five hours to tame your mane.

I know we haven’t suggested some miracle product to tame your hair on high humidity days, but that’s because the secret to humid hair maintenance is in moisturizing. Understanding your hair and this careful balance will go along way. Being aware of the humidity level and your hair type is important – but overall – don’t forget to rock whatever locks you’ve got and have a great summer!

If you need a good moisturizing mask, or just need help trimming those curls before the humidity gets any higher, head on over to our student salon* and let us help you get ready for the worst, and the best, of summer.

*All services performed by students under the direct supervision of licensed professional instructors.