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Top 4 Reasons People Pursue Cosmetology

The beauty industry is home to a variety of people with diverse backgrounds and lives. Each person is unique, from the way they decorate their station or salon to the shears they purchase. However, if you ask any cosmetologist why they’ve chosen this career, you will likely get one of these four reasons.

In February of 2016, a member of the popular cosmetology forum and social networking site, Hairbrained, asked members the following question: how/why did you become a hairdresser? Here are some of the most popular answers.

”It’s a Family Thing”

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Many cosmetologists grow up in the family salon. The smell of hairspray is like home to them, and they wanted to continue the family legacy by pursuing the career themselves. Aunts, uncles, grandmothers, and even sisters and moms all serve as inspiration to many “generational” hairstylists. Just take a look at a few of the 4k+ comments on Hairbrained.

”I was Born to do This!”

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Some people are destined to become hairdressers. There’s just no ignoring all the signs that you should do what you’re passionate about! You probably have a few family pictures featuring your DIY bangs, and maybe your family dog didn’t like your craft scissors all that much, but hey! That was just the beginning of a beautiful journey. Here’s what users on Hairbrained had to say.

”I Love Creative Control”

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Cosmetologists are artists. Creativity gives them the freedom to shape and form works of art with hair as their medium. These cosmetologists were often found painting, drawing, or playing an instrument, and their ability to express themselves was their top priority. Today, not a thing has changed! Some cosmetologists still do other types of art outside of their jobs, and many value self expression in a way that other people can’t quite understand. Here’s what the Hairbrained community had to add.

”I Want to Help People”

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Many cosmetologists have a desire to make an impact on those around them, that’s why we find that a good lot of them were once in the medical field. Seeing your work change lives is one of the most rewarding things you can experience. The beauty industry can change the world, one head of hair at a time, and you could be a part of that!


What’s Your Reason?

Have you thought about becoming a cosmetologist for one or more of these four reasons? Check out our cosmetology program, and contact us to find out how to get started on an artistic, rewarding, and exciting industry!