Part Time Cosmetology School Rocks

Why Part-Time Classes ROCK!

Work. Kids. Family. Work.

There are a million reasons that you might be putting off following your dreams, a million reasons why you think it can’t possibly work to go to school and still maintain the life and responsibilities you currently have.

What if all those reasons you are holding onto aren’t reasons, but rather fears keeping you from your dream?

You can pursue your dream career!

Even with kids, family, and maybe a job, working toward the future you have always wanted is possible, now even more so with our part-time schedule.

With minimal hours and an easy to accommodate schedule, enrolling in part-time courses at The Salon Professional Academy(TSPA) Huntsville can help you to reach your dreams without sacrificing your current responsibilities.

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Read below to discover why part-time courses rock!

Work While You Learn

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Because our part-time classes are available in both day and evening schedules, you can easily keep your current job while you work toward your new career. This can be a difficult transition for some, but with a supportive staff and peers surrounding you – you can do it!

Keep Your Weekends

Because our part-time courses occur mostly during the weekdays, you will still have your weekends to yourself, to do with as you please! This is a huge benefit because you need your down time! Take this time to practice self care, and keep your mind at its best for learning!

Don’t Sacrifice Friends and Family

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Freinds and family are important, and we want you to be able to be there for them as they support you through your beauty school journey. One of the big benefits of a part-time schedule is having the time to do just that! Because our schedule is low hours per week and at set times, you are able to schedule family dinners, or just have time to go out with your friends!

More Time to Master

While it is true that taking a part-time cosmetology course will extend your time until graduation, that isn’t necessarily bad. By learning the information slowly and over an extended period of time, you are giving yourself the opportunity to master every technique and truly understand the techniques to become a successful cosmetologist.

Build Your Book and Step Into a Career

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The benefits of the extended calendar go beyond the time to master skills, you will also find yourself with more time to build your client base. With extra months to find a following, show your skill, and bring clients into the salon, you could graduate your program with an even larger client base than some.

Join a Family, Find a Support System

When you start your education at The Salon Professional Academy Huntsville you are doing more than just ‘going to school’. You are joining a family. Beyond your peers, beyond your teachers, stepping into your first day of class at TSPA Huntsville means you are stepping into a family of people who will support you, and building relationships that will last a lifetime.

We Won’t Lie, Part-Time Classes are Going to Take Work

But it is work that could lead to some amazing opportunities. Do not be afraid to pursue your dreams of a career in beauty! At TSPA Huntsville we are ready to support you every step of the way. Beauty school can be work, but we know you can do it!

Ready to rock? Take the first steps to creating a beautiful future, today!

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Don’t let your reasons become roadblocks. Take the leap and begin changing your life.