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Warning: This Blog is About Zits

Zits. Acne. Pimples.

These words may not make you think beauty, but they should. Fresh, clean skin is one of the cornerstones of a healthy beauty regimen. Besides, love them or hate them – we all get them!

If you strive for fresh beautiful skin, then understanding where these little buggers come from is important! Besides, as much as we might be obsessed with those pimple popping videos, it may not be the best way to handle those mischief making face bumps.

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Ready for the lowdown on zits?

Don’t worry, we will keep the zit popping videos to a minimum.

The Anatomy of a Zit

Zits are dirt.

While technically true, that phrase is also not entirely factual. Zits form in the pores of your body. While most common in your face, they can appear pretty much anywhere that sweat and bacteria congregates.

Your pores’ sole function is to expel the dirt, oil, and bacteria that your body accumulates. when there is too much or if you use pore blocking products, your pores become clogged. And a zit is born.

There is a bit more to it than that, but at its core, that is where zits become the devilish little bumps of doom that they are. It’s one of the reasons why washing your face is an important step in the acne prevention process. But it’s only one of the many things that can help you keep your face clean and fresh.

How to Prevent the Dreaded Zit

Washing your face regularly is one of the basics of helping to keep your skin clean and fresh, but there is much more that you can do to help prevent these little bad boys from making an appearance.

  • Look, Don’t Touch! One of the biggest culprits of oil and dirt buildup on your skin is actually you! With every touch of your hands against skin you are spreading dirt, oil, and even shedding skin that can block your pores. Get in the habit of being hands off to keep those culprits off and your precious pores clean.
  • Find Some Breathing Room. We all love to look our best, but keeping makeup on too long can negatively impact our skin’s health. Remember to wash your face every night to prevent breakouts, and if you don’t need to wear makeup, consider going bare faced, or with just a lightweight foundation so your skin can breathe.
  • Read the Ingredients. Using products on your skin that have too many oils or chemical fillers can lead to zits. By using lotions or makeup products that are labeled oil free and lightweight you can help to eliminate acne and keep your skin clean.
  • Sun Free and Moisturize! Sun creates sweat and sweat can clog pores, make sure to shield yourself from the damaging rays and keep your skin moisturized to help it from drying out. Using an oil free moisturizer can help to keep your skin soft and your pores open and clean.
  • Diet and Exercise. What you eat can impact how your body functions. Eat too many greasy foods, and your skin will produce more grease in an attempt to expel it. Keep color in your diet by eating fruits and veggies and make sure to exercise regularly. Just make sure to shower and clean your skin after workouts to help keep sweat from further darkening your skin.

Step Away from The Pop

When you get large zit you may have an overwhelming need to pop it. You are not alone! There is a reason those pimple popping videos are so popular after all. As popular as they are, Mr. Popper and Dr. Pimple Popper are licensed dermatologists that know when it is okay to pop, and how to do it safely.

For the everyday acne sufferer, popping those pimple can actually make the problem worse! Because a zit is a clogged pore that has become inflamed with bacteria, popping your zits can cause all that gunk to push itself further into your skin, instead of out. This can lead to further inflammation and more zits!

Another downside of popping, the pressure caused can lead to bruising, and even scarring. All the more reason to leave the popping to the professionals.

Zits? You aren’t alone! We hope you feel ready to conquer them!

If you want to learn more about acne, or about the care and health of skin, make sure to check out our Esthetics Program. An education in Esthetics could help you discover a career in beauty you might never have expected. Contact us today for more information and see where the beauty industry can take you.