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Why Esthetics Rocks!

Do you have a passion for skin care? Are you the person people come to when they have a question about skin products or routines?

If you are passionate about skin and love to help people, esthetics could be a great career choice!

Not only is the spa industry growing, it’s growing at a rate of 3% faster than the national average. When it comes to jobs in esthetics, you may see a lot of growth over the next several years.

While the thought of a new career may be intimidating and scary, esthetics can be extremely rewarding and fulfilling.

At The Salon Professional Academy(TSPA) Huntsville we proudly offer esthetics courses that strive to educate you while you prepare to sit for the state boards.

Below are some of the reasons why we love esthetics!

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1. You Can Help Others Glow!

The focus of esthetics is skin. Whether it’s helping a client understand their skin type, providing facials, hair removal services, or chemical peels, you can learn it! Learning how to properly care for your client’s skin could allow you to take your career options to the next level. It’s also important for you to feel good in your skin and helping others do the same is your passion. Building a future in esthetics can help you reach your goals.

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2.The Field is Fast Paced

You work with different skin types or you could be learning how to apply a new product, either way, the life of an esthetician is never boring. Career options stretch from working in a dermatologist’s office to helping others feel great in a spa. With so many options, your future career could be full of variety! As an esthetician you enjoy continuing to learn new things after graduation.

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3. Your Creativity Can Flow Freely

At TSPA Huntsville we strive to educate you in more than just skin care. We also try to help you embrace your creative side by exploring the world of makeup application. Knowing about color palettes, blending, and product application can help you take extra special care of a client’s skin. Knowing about makeup application could open up more possibilities for your future career, giving you a creative flair for any job you choose.

Go Professional: Get the Skills

Ready to take a step toward changing your future? Let TSPA Huntsville help you on your new journey by showing you what we have to offer. Our esthetics program strives to make our students beautiful professionals, ready for a bright future! We also teach you business strategies, guest services, and makeup application.

A career in esthetics could help you create a future filled with beauty and creativity.

What are you waiting for? If you have a love for all things skin and skin care related, this is your time to shine! Let us help you make a career out of your passion. Contact us today to discover how we can help you achieve your dreams.