What Hairstyle Fits you Best? Find Out With Our Tell All Quiz!

Woman looking at herself with different colored hair. Deciding on look.

Finding the perfect hairstyle can be difficult, with dozens of different options and trends popping up almost daily!
What hairstyle you choose and what style will look good on you largely depends not only on what your habits and likes are, but the shape of your face.
Using all of these aspects, we can help you discover your perfect hairstyle in only six questions!

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The Perks Of Being a Cosmetologist

pretty asian woman doing makeup on a blonde with rollers in her hair

Are you trying to decide what to do for a career? Are you thinking about changing careers? Want to find that perfect career that will be satisfying and that you will love? Whatever boat you’re in, cosmetology may be the perfect fit for you. A lot of perks can come with being a cosmetologist, like being able to choose when you work, that can make it a very fulfilling career. Here’s some of the great aspects of being a cosmetologist.

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Only a True Makeup Maven Can Ace This Quiz

Makeup tools coming out of a makeup bag

Do you love makeup trivia as much as you love playing with makeup? Can you get 100% on our makeup quiz? Challenge yourself and find out where your beauty knowledge lies. With a combination of technique and history, this challenging quiz stumps 95% of those who take it. Let’s see where you lie!

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Five Nail Designs You Can Master

The nails of a woman, painted with pink and glitter

Spring has officially arrived and everything is in bloom. Sundresses are coming back and the heavy colors of years before are being replaced by soft pastels and florals. And best of all, hands and toes are coming out from behind heavy gloves and boots, ready to meet the world once more.
If you are ready to don those strappy sandals, but haven’t made it to your manicurist yet, do not be dismayed! It’s easier to get those nails ready for the world than you think.
Here are five nail designs you can master in a matter of minutes to get those nails spring ready before the tulips have fully bloomed!

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Eight Years Gone!

Excited blonde woman dressed for a party

In April of 2009, The Salon Professional Academy in Huntsville, Alabama opened their doors, starting a tradition of beauty in the community that has not only held strong but grown exponentially in the past eight years
Starting just as the temperatures were warming all those years ago, the first class of ten walked through those doors that have now been seen as home to so many. While that number may seem low, it’s actually a tradition that has held steady at TSPA Huntsville since day one. Smaller class sizes mean more one-on-one attention, which means a more stylized education.

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Are You Ready for Cosmetology School?

Pretty woman with jar of money looking at it curiously.

It’s a fact that has been poured into your head since a young age, mentioned by grandparents as they pressed a ten dollar bill into your hand and bored into your head by your father as you complained about having broccoli for dinner – again.
“The career choice you make will affect the rest of your life.”
Luckily for you, you already know what you want to do. Hard part done.
You want to be a cosmetologist.
But what do you need to do now that you have made this decision? What are the next steps to actually enroll?

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Signs That It’s Time to Pursue a Career in Beauty

Beautiful, and joyous, African American woman with logo for blog: 10 things about a career in beauty

Admit it, you have seen the writing on the wall. You’ve noticed it as you carefully lay out brushes and sharpen your scissors. You’ve heard the voice gnawing in the back of your mind as you watched Queen Latifah’s “Beauty Shop” for the hundredth time.

You want a career in beauty.

You want this to be your life.

But how do you know for sure, and how did you get here in the first place?

Here are the ten signs that you might be ready for a career in the beauty industry, you know, just so you can make sure.

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