Roses Are Red, These Looks Are For You!


Love is in the air and we are head over heels for these easy ways to festivize your look this Valentine’s Day! Whether you’re off to dinner with your significant other, throwing a Galentine’s Night with the besties, or painting the town stag, we felt inspired to share tips to glam up your routine in a pinch. Having a holiday on a weekday doesn’t have to inhibit your ability to flash an extra festive flare! So head to work with a small pop of pink that isn’t too distracting or simply and slightly glam up after hours without cutting into your evening plans.

Take Your Routine Up a Notch

We know, time in the morning is limited, so we gathered a few favorites that will work into your daily routine that aren’t time-consuming or as desperate for attention as Cupid’s target.

Heart eyes for eyeshadow? Place a small heart sticker right below your brow bone and apply your favorite eyeshadow right on top. Peel off the sticker, add some setting spray, and you’ll see this cute design is love that lasts!

festive valentines eyeshadow

If eyeshadow intimidates you, this one’s for you! Line the lips with a deep mauve or even magenta, blending the color into your natural lip toward the center. Top with sheer shimmer gloss concentrated on the middle for an awesome ombre effect. A radiant gradient!

ombre lipstick

If you are really looking to simplify, don’t underestimate the power of a romantic red lip. This is where sultry meets sassy with a color that flatters all skin tones.

pink cut crease eyeshadow

bold red lip

Isn’t this hairstyle romantic? Twist back those second day curls into a voluminous pony.

romantic loose curl updo

How cute is this step-by-step heart shaped waterfall?

heart shaped waterfall hairstyle

Nothing says Valentine’s like a red velvet bow.

red velvet hair bow

Bow BIG or go home!

giant black velvet hair bow

Got a Few Minutes? Glam Quick!

If you have a short amount of time to get ready for your evening plans, check out these time-busting tips!

Remember that sticker and eyeshadow trick from above? Try the same method on your cheeks and nose for cute heart-shaped freckles.

heart shaped freckles clever valentines makeup

All that glitters is not gold…sometimes it’s pink! Take some pink craft glitter and eyelash glue and halo it onto the center of your lid.

glittery pink halo eyeshadow

Want to flex your braiding skills? Split a waterfall pony in half, braid both sides, and fasten the bottom. How lovely!

braided heart shaped waterfall

Don’t be intimidated to try a hair bow! Pull hair half way out of a hair tie, separate the halves, and lay the tail over the hair tie to hide it. Fasten it with bobby pins, and you’re done!

blonde bow hairstyle with curls

Got flowers? Romanticize any look with a few petals, real or fake!

cute space buns with flowers

low loose bun with flowers

If you’re on the hunt for more hair inspiration, check out some styles we are excited to see more of this year!

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