Erica Hughes

Erica’s mother and grandmother inspired her to become a cosmetologist. Neither of them were professionals in the industry, but both of them had a natural talent with hair and makeup. She admired them both and seem to have inherited their natural talent. She always loved going to salons with her mom when she was young and watching all the stylists working their magic.

Erica graduated from Reid State Technical College in June of 1998 and has been in the industry since. Her passion has always been education. She craves it. When she was a cosmetology student, she fell in love with her instructors and knew that she wanted to become an educator someday. Seeing the “Aha!” moments her students have, watching them grow, learn, and change every day is what keeps her going and inspires her to continue educating herself so that she can continue to give them the best she can every day.

Erica is always on the lookout to learn more and grow professionally. She already received her Redken Design Certification and is now working on getting certified in color. She feels that the more educated and knowledgeable she is, the more she can help her students be the best that they can be.

Her students would say that she is a great listener and that she genuinely cares about them and their future. She see her students as her children and wants to see them do their very best every single day. I encourage them to be successful and to never stop learning.

When she’s not at work, she enjoys spending quality time with her family, whether they are outside doing something or just snuggling up on the couch and watching movies.