Nothing ruins a good hair day like greasy hair. Whether it sets in a few hours after you shampoo or after five full days, a slick streak is your head’s way of letting you know it’s time for a wash. But as we all know, over-shampooing your hair on the reg isn’t great for your scalp, strands or hair color, and there are ways to prolong the time until your next full lather and rinse. Here, Redken artist Laura Carmichael fills us in on the best ways to prevent, treat and handle greasy hair—plus the best products for keeping it at bay. WHAT CAUSES GREASY HAIR?

First things first: What causes greasy hair? While it may seem like the situation sets in thanks to environmental or situational factors (like spending time in humid weather or getting sweaty during a workout), according to Carmichael it’s actually biology that’s to blame—which means that no matter how hard you try to fight greasy hair, it’s still pretty much inevitable. The sebaceous glands on the top of your head produce oil, she explains, and that oil is what we refer to as “grease.” Think of it like oily skin, but on the top of your head. Everyone’s sebaceous glands produce oil in different rates and amounts, which is why some people can go eight days with a perfect-looking blowout while others (who have more “active” sebaceous glands) have to deal with an oil slick after only a few hours.



While there isn’t a whole lot you can do to change the activity of your sebaceous glands (thanks, genetics), there are certain things that can help manage the situation. Carmichael suggests using a really good clarifying shampoo, every time you lather up. This will ensure you’re cleansing your scalp and strands of any dirt, grime and oil so that you’re starting totally fresh after every wash. 

Once your hair starts to get greasy, you can manage the issue with dry shampoo. A great way to make dry shampoo work more effectively is to spray it on your hair brush instead of directly on your head, and then use a blow drier to distribute the product evenly. And one more hot tip? “Use your dry shampoo when your hair is clean—don’t wait for it to be too late,” says Carmichael. “Dry shampoo works amazing to prevent grease before it appears.” 

And when all else fails? Throw your hair up and pop on a headband—you’ll be able to get at least another full day in between washes by covering up the grease entirely. IN THE SHOWER: REDKEN HAIR CLEANSING CREAM



To make each wash last as long as possible, use a clarifying product like Redken Detox Hair Cleansing Cream every other time you shampoo. Launching in March 2020 with exciting new packaging, it works to remove all kinds of elements from your hair like copper, iron, hard water minerals, and product buildup, so that you hair is fully clean when you step out of the shower. Thanks to fruit acids being a key ingredient, it will leave your hair nourished, shiny, and completely grease-free! BETWEEN WASHES: REDKEN DEEP CLEAN DRY SHAMPOO


The perfect product for extending your style without actually having to wash your hair. Deep Clean Dry Shampoo uses rice and aluminum starches to absorb excess oil to make your hair look so fresh and so clean up to four days after a wash. It can be used on all hair types, and will never leave behind any sort of a white residue. For best results, shake well and hold the can 10 inches away from your head. Spray the product onto your roots, and massage it into the scalp with your fingers or a brush until it is fully absorbed. As Carmichael mentioned, don’t wait until your hair is coated in grease to use it: Embrace dry shampoo as a preventative measure, and your hair will thank you for it on day three, four and beyond!

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