Whether you’ve dreamed of being a cosmetologist since you were little or you only decided last month, choosing a cosmetology school is a big decision. You’ve got to think about the location, the culture, and learn about the staff! While you’ll definitely want to check out the program details, here are a few of the reasons we think The Salon Professional Academy (TSPA) Huntsville is the perfect place to begin your exciting new career.

Our Students Are Our Top Priority

Other schools say it, but we really mean it. We have designed our cosmetology program around the simple idea that our students, what they need to be successful now and in the future, is the most important thing. We can back it up, too.

At TSPA Huntsville, we deliberately keep our class sizes small with just 15 students per teacher. Completing the programs requires 1500 learning hours and no one wants to spend that time feeling like some nameless number. At our school, we make sure that our students feel individually known by their teachers.

We know from experience that, for a student, feeling that your teachers care about you individually is super important. That is because it helps our students feel comfortable approaching their instructors when they need extra help with developing a particular skill. Because our class sizes are so small, our educators are also able to be more directly involved with each student, so they are able to see when a student is struggling and give them the support they need.

We Make Our Program Fun

While becoming a cosmetologist requires hard work, we firmly believe that enjoying what you do makes you better at it, so we make our program fun! We keep things interesting by celebrating a new student every single week. We also like to mix things up and have holiday-themed days where we all dress up. Basically, we try to be real people and give our students the chance to show off who they are, too.

Students at TSPA Huntsville celebrate Christmas.

Speaking of celebrations, we make sure to recognize our students who have a birthday during our program. It’s a simple thing, but we like to make sure our students know that we’re glad that they are in the world, and we’re so happy they’ve decided to spend some of their life with us! Some of our students are far from their families, so we make sure our school family is there to make the day special.

Our Students Learn How to Help Others Shine

Another guiding principle at TSPA Huntsville is that cosmetology is about making a difference in people’s lives. As we teach our students, we help them see how they can help others feel beautiful inside and out. We can talk about it all day long (and we try to), but there is no substitute for spinning that chair around and seeing your client’s eyes light up. This is why we emphasize applied learning and provide students with opportunities to practice their skills on real people*.

Being successful in cosmetology requires building long-lasting relationships with clients. It isn’t enough to just be good at cutting or styling hair. You need to be able to help clients feel comfortable in the chair and happy every time they see themselves in the mirror. Because our unique curriculum focuses on individuals, our students learn this early on and it’s reinforced at every step of the program.

We could keep going on about the extensive qualifications of our team or the 140+ positive reviews we have on Facebook, but at the end of the day what matters most to us is our students. If you’re ready to start an exciting new education, you can get started here. If you have any questions or you’re still not sure, please contact us!

*All of our salon services are performed by students while supervised by a licensed instructor. Financial Aid available to those who qualify.

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